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Producer's Statement

     After producing three back-to-back feature documentary films I was about to take a hiatus from non-fiction film production.  But then I attended a political meeting where the guest speaker was Bob Rosebrock, a U.S. Army veteran on a mission.


     Bob has been leading an organized challenge to the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs management of the Veterans Home property in West LA.  Or, to put it more in his perspective, the "mismanagement" of the Veterans Home.


     If even a small portion of what Bob revealed in his talk was true, this was indeed a story worthy of a documentary film.  


     I took a cautious step into investigating this story by taking my camera to the weekly rally outside the gates of Veterans Park in Brentwood.  For over 120 days a group of veterans called The Old Guard, comprised of WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans, have been protesting with banners, signs and upside down American flags (a legitimate use of the flag to create a distress signal.)


     After interviewing several of these American heros, I committed myself to continuing into my fourth feature documentary production.


     Now, nine months and dozens of interviews later, this story continues to unfold revealing a tale of tragedy, corruption, greed, and a heroic battle to bring over 6,000 homeless veterans to their home in West LA that was deeded to our veterans in 1888.


     The week of this writing marks the 150th consecutive Sunday that the Old Guard has maintained its weekly vigil.  Somehow the mainstream media has  mostly ignored their epic battle.


     Rarely does such a profound story fall into a filmmaker's lap and it's ironic this story has been very visible at one of the busiest intersections in the mecca of moviemaking.


     With your help, Duty Honor, Country: Betrayal will help them take LA's homeless veterans off the street and housed in their rightful home at the West Los Angeles veterans home.